Fabric partition screen W.160 cm Collection XERUS

Finishes :

Reference : 1U13095 1U13096 1U13097 1U13098 1U13099

Dimensions :

W : 160 H : 60 D : 3

W : 63 H : 23.6 D : 1.18

Product description :

For YES! desk tops ref. U24/U25/U23.016 et U24/U25/U23.116 and ref. U24/U25/U23.216 and compact desk tops ref. U24/U25/U23.021-022 and U24/U25/U23.121-122 and ref. U24/U25/U23.221-222, and for  XERUS desk tops ref. U14/U15/U13.116 and compact desk tops ref. U14/U15/U13.121-122.

Technical description :

25 mm particleboard covered with foam and orange or green or pink or blue fabric.