3/5 years guarantee

Our products come with 3-5 year warranties depending on the collection and intended use:

- executive office furniture

- company office furniture

- home office furniture


Garantie Gautier Office Bureau


Our collections with 3-year warranties are: WashingtonJazzVisoSôgoMamboWhat's and Tonic.

Our collections with 5-year warranties are: VermontSliverSantosSundayViktorTwinWall and U-Too.

They are designed in line with European and French standards and can be assembled/disassembled several times.

Our panels and office furniture undergo multiple tests throughout the manufacturing process.


Qualité Gautier Office    Gautier Office Qualité


In order to ensure irreproachable quality, our products are tested in our own or a certified laboratory.

Our commitments have helped us achieve QSE triple certification: Quality, Safety and Environment.


Triple certification Gautier Office