Protecting our planet

Gautier Office is a brand committed to respecting the environment.


NF Environment 


In 2004 it was the first office furniture range to be NF Environment certified. 

Gautier Office was the first manufacturer to receive NF Environment certification for an office furniture range. 


Today, five of our collections are NF Environment certified:

XenonVermontSantosSunday office and Sunday reception.


We believe this is a trusted sign of high environmental standards.

It guarantees the quality and durability of furniture and the minimisation of environmental impact throughout the furniture's life cycle.


Giving products a second life

95% of our waste is recycled.

Since 1 May 2013, an eco-fee has been charged. This is the consumer's contribution to the collection, reuse and recycling of an equivalent used product.


PEFC certification 

We also use wood from trees grown in sustainably managed forests in the western region of France. 

Our company obtained PEFC certification in 2012.